Please volunteer here and choose the areas you are willing to serve

Please plan on a short training session this Saturday at 9:30 am in the Fellowship Hall.


  1. Set a chair in every other parking space 1 hour before service

  2. Using wipes, sanitize all sound equipment after each service

  3. Sanitized face shields after each service.

  4. Return chairs from parking lot



  1. Greet people at the door

    1. Welcome them with a prayerful spirit

    2. “We are so excited to see you.  Thanks for coming”

    3. “For every one’s safety  we are taking everyone’s temperature and asking you to take advantage of hand sanitizer and to wear face coverings.   We have some face shields available.   We strongly encourage you to wear a face covering during worship singing.”

    4. “Children are to sit with the parent.   Crayons and coloring pages are available in the from the attendance recorders in the lobby.”

    5. “You are free to take a Bible and keep it.  Please do not leave it in your seat.”

    6. Open the door for them.

    7. “Again, it is great to see you.  God bless you”




  1. Greet people gladly and prayerfully

  2. Quickly scan forehead and give them a reading of their temperature.

  3. Compassionately inform any one with a temperature reading of 100.4 or higher that we are not allowed to allow anyone with a temperature that high in the service.

  4. Make it fun and spiritual as possible.   Silently pray for them.




  1. Greet people gladly and prayerfully

  2. Encourage people to avail themselves to hand sanitizer

  3. Check their names on attendance list

  4. If their name is not on the attendance list,  ask them to sit in the balcony until service starts.  Then they can come down stairs if there is room.

  5. Hand crayon and coloring packets to appropriate people

  6. Monitor Hand Sanitizer  



  1. Greet people gladly and prayerfully

  2. Escort people to their seat

    1. First service       Seat people in Blue rows on the right side

    2. Second Service   Seat people in Yellow rows on right side

  3. Seat people from front to back

  4. Guide people in Exiting

    1. Exit by row through door near keyboard in order from front to middle

    2. Exit by row through door near drinking fountain in order from back to middle