You are Personally Invited Here to:

To know God & Be Known By Him.

1. Together, we Seek: The Kingdom of God. 

We seek the LORD's will (together) in the unadulterated WORD,

Seek the Holy Spirit's direction & counsel through prayer,

And grow in obedience to His commands & convictions. 

2. We Together, Individually Ask: Who is God & Who am I to God?

Don't be afraid to ask God questions.

Have faith He will provide & supply.

Don't just have an encounter, desire more.

More of God (intimately), Less of you (in the world).

3. Knock: Invite God in to Be your Life.

Receive & Believe the Truth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Trust in the Finished Work of Christ on the Cross.

Grow in discipleship & relationship with:

 The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit

(as well as Bride of Christ).

We Understand Our Purpose is to:

Know God and Be Known By God.

1. Love God. Love others.

Jesus Christ is LORD! 

He is waiting for you!

You Belong Here.

We love all peoples & cultures!

Everyone has a story, a journey, and a beginning.

Our goal is the one & the same: to attain the crown of life.

Be Obedient:

- Repent & Believe in Jesus Christ

- Receive the Holy Spirit & His Gifts

- Be Discipled: Apply God's Word 

- Engage, Get Involved, & Disciple Others

- Be water-Baptized 

- Partake in Communion Service

Serve the King - Not the World or Your Flesh

3. Respect God's Change Agenda

Be Healed. Be Restored. Continue to Transform! 

Become the New You!

We welcome all, as you will notice the diversity within our congregation, the moment you arrive at our church. We are composed of interactive Christian believers who all are on the path to love God first and then love others. We encourage a wide variety of Jesus Followers - no matter their age, background, culture, past sins, denominational beliefs, or even heights (we're not easily impressed, and we take care of our lives first, discouraging "fixing" our siblings in Christ!). Everybody is welcomed, no matter where you are on your journey with Christ. We know God has a unique calling on each person's life. Here at Chester Avenue, we provide space for creative, Spirit-led worship and discovery of your specific Kingdom-purpose in life through small group bible studies and areas of ministry you can serve in.  We pursue more than just encounters with the LORD - we long for deep, heart-to-heart intimacy with the Him and with each other. Please let us connect with you when you visit. If you need prayer, call us at the office or stop by and let us meet you in person. There's bound to be someone here you'll meet that you can  relate to, within an interpersonal relationship with GOD & each other. Thank you, and God bless.