This Sunday, April 11, the Worship service will continue to be inside the building.  You will still need to wear a mask and abide by the 6’ social distancing.  Hand sanitizer is available. 

Children’s church will continue as they have been doing with all precautions in place (mask wearing, 6 ft distance, sanitizing).



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The service is still being LIVE-STREAMED.

 Kern County is in the state’s RED TIER for coronavirus transmission and hoping to soon be in the ORANGE TIER.  The tier system is based on the number of cases per 100,000 people.  The county now has gone down to a rate of 4-7 cases per 100,000 people.  We need 1-3.9 for the ORANGE.  Kern’s positivity rate must be 5-8% to be in the RED TIER and 2-4.9% for ORANGE.  This week, Kern’s rate met the mark at 5%.  Red Tier means the limits on the number of people gathering for us is 25% capacity (Orange Tier is 50%) with precautions in place for both tiers to prevent widespread transmission of the virus.  So if you are in the vulnerable group, you may still want to watch the services from home.   

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Sunday, April 4, 2021                Sermon Notes:  RESURRECTION MATTERS  by Pastor Keith Fultz


I.  John 20:1-18                   The Resurrection story is mind-blowing!

              1) Why would thieves leave the grave clothes and spices behind?  (Wouldn’t they still be on the body?)

              2) Why would the disciples leave the grave clothes and spices?

              3) If the Resurrection story is an invented story, why have women as the witnesses? 

                  They had no credibility at that time, in that culture.

              4) Paul tells us there were over 500 witnesses of the Risen Christ.  1 Corinthians 15

              5) If it wasn’t the Resurrection of Jesus, then what turned these disciples around to die for this message?  They did

                  believe it.   Would they die for their own invented story?

II.  The good news of the Resurrection story is Rich in Mercy!

             1) Jesus says to Mary, “Why are you weeping?”

             2) Jesus says to her,  “Mary”.  Not,  “Miss Magdalene”.  He shows her gentleness, love, and kindness.

III. The good news of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Confronts Our Mistakes.

             1) Their understanding of Jesus was mistaken.   A   How can God become a man?    B  How can a man be God?

             2) Their expectations of the Messiah were mistaken.         A messiah doesn’t die does he? 

                  vs 9  “They still did not understand from scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead.”

             3)  Mary is mistakenly looking for a dead Jesus.  After all, she saw him die!

                             A    The risen Christ is mistaken for a gardener.  vs 15                 

                             B    Mary would have never found Jesus, if he had not come looking for her.

                             C    Are you mistaken?  Jesus is looking for you.

                             D    Are you mistakenly looking in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways, and in the wrong people?

                             E    Mary needed to ENCOUNTER a Jesus she was not able to imagine in order to really know who Jesus 


                             F Jesus is looking for you and me to open our eyes to who He really is.

              4)  We have a Sin problem and we have a DEATH problem.    I don’t have time today to tell you of this Jesus who is

                   the Creator, the Lover of your soul, of this Jesus who so willingly suffered for you and for me.  I don’t have time to

                   give you details of all that.  I   don’t have time to tell you of the Jesus who was raised from the dead and is at the

                   right hand of the Father interceding and praying for you and for me right now.  I don’t have time to tell you all that! 

                   I don’t have time to tell you how this Jesus compassionately heals the sick, raises the dead, casts out demons,

                   and ministers to us.  I don’t have time to tell you de- tails of how this Jesus compassionately sent His Holy Spirit to

                   comfort and to guide you and me.  I don’t have time to tell you how this Jesus is coming back to establish

                   righteousness and justice and ultimately to defeat sin, evil, and death.  We have a SIN problem and a DEATH

                   problem and we cannot fix it!  We cannot make it right!       Romans 3:23-26   

                  Jesus is the conqueror.  He is not who we think he is.  He is much more!  I beg you to study the scriptures to know

                  the real Jesus!  To be approved by Him!

IV.  The Good News of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is full of Marvel!  I Marvel the fact that . . .

             1)  God chose Mary to be the first person to encounter the Risen Christ.

             2)  Not only that . . . God chose Mary to be the first messenger sent to go and tell the good news of the Resurrection

                  of Jesus Christ.

                  A   Mary was a woman.    B  Mary had a demonic background of 7 demons.

                  C  Mary could have been homeless or mentally ill because of her background. D  Jesus does not hold her past

                      against her. 

                  E  Jesus does not hold your past against you!  He wants to use you just as you are.  You don’t have to wait to tell

                       your story.  People can argue theology with you, but they can’t argue your story!  They can’t argue what Jesus

                       has done for you!

He died horribly for you and me.  He deserves our sympathy, thanks and appreciation, and money.  But I don’t think He wants that as much as He wants your life!  He wants you to TRUST him.  That’s what FAITH really means.  Keep trusting him and he’ll keep transforming you!  My prayer is that today we will walk in a new powerful and mind-blowing conviction and confidence in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and that will fuel and guide the way we live and think and work and the way we relate—-in every aspect of our lives.   My prayer is that we will walk in the richness and gentleness and the mercy of this Jesus who is looking for you and calling you by name.  My prayer is that we will walk in this renewed mind that comes from this encounter, this experience with Jesus Christ, with this Risen Lord that enlightens many of our mistaken ideas and estimations of who Jesus really is.  My prayer is that we will walk in this Marvel of God’s desire to use the least, the broken, the beaten, and the damaged to heal and to restore and to give us a new destiny of being messengers of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Will you join me in that prayer?



· Thank you God for sustaining and protecting us.

· Thank you for your Sovereignty over our nation despite the circumstances and changing environment.

· We praise you God for meeting the needs of all the sick and afflicted we put before you and those who need your

  healing grace. 

· We Praise you O Lord for you continue to teach and guide us as a church family!


· Pray for guidance and peace for Jeanette Antrim and her son, Kevin.

· Sherril Mahlum’s infected eye is still healing.  Keep her in your prayers.

· Phyllis Hensley has truly gone “Home” to be with her Lord.  Pray comfort over Stan, Martin, Cindy, Brian, Jeffrey

  and the rest of the family.

· Veronica Pittman and her husband Bo need continued prayer while he is adjusting to an amputated leg..

· Ronda LeValley’s mother’s eyesight is diminishing.  Please pray for her.

· Rhonda is having medication issues.  Ask for wisdom for her doctor.

· Lee LeValley’s back is better but continue to pray for restored eyesight!

· Pray for Michelle T and her premature baby to have good health.

· Don & Barbara son needs prayer for a recurring problem.

· Brian Maurseth has not found a job. Pray for him and Cindy.

· Pray theft protection over the cars that visit CACC.

· Laurie Handley desires prayer for her lung disease issues. 




My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.      John 15:12


· CLIENT said she is against late term abortion, but considering it because of the inconvenience of the unplanned

   pregnancy.  She professes Christ as Lord.  Pray she will trust in the Lord.

· CLIENT and her baby need God’s protection and intervention.   She is not taking care of herself, and her boyfriend

   (father of their baby) doesn’t seem to be giving her much help.

· CLIENT has a history of pregnancy loss through miscarriage and abortion.  All of her children live with relatives

   because she relapsed into drug use.  She has rededicated her life to Christ.

· CLIENT is pregnant with twins and fearful of delivering two babies.  She is concerned she won’t be able to carry the

   babies to term.  Also pray her husband will be converted to Christ.

· CLIENT has a history of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.  She needs peace of mind in her life.

· CLIENT suffered a miscarriage and needs the Lord’s comfort in her grief and loss.

· CLIENT has a previous abusive relationship with her boyfriend.  Pray she will seek out a support group to help her

  deal with past wounds.  She was raised in a church, so pray she will be drawn back into a relationship with her

  Heavenly Father.

· CLIENT with gestational diabetes was in the hospital having labor induced.  Pray for a safe delivery and healthy


· CLIENT lost her baby through miscarriage.  Pray she will come to know Christ.  Pray she would be willing to

   participate in the BPC support program (Empty Arms).

· CLIENT requested prayer for a healthy pregnancy.  She and her boyfriend were both laid off their jobs and need

   employment opportunities.  Pray their faith and relationship with the Lord will grow as they trust in Him to provide.

· CLIENT requested prayer for her medical insurance to come through.  There has been a long delay.

· Pray CLIENT’S pregnancy will go well.  She admits to feeling overwhelmed.  Pray she will be able to overcome her

   negative emotions and find joy in this season of pregnancy.

· CLIENT had a previous miscarriage.  She prayed with an advocate to accept Jesus into her heart.  Pray her faith will


· Pray women will take advantage of the quarterly Baby Shower and enjoy the event and that all will go well.


APRIL 11,  2021



Week 1

(Our fiscal year begins on April 1, 2021)







February    $13,894.69

March     $18,897.75

April      $1,941.00


​Fiscal Year:  $1,941.00


​Budget Goal:  To be Determined


EXPENSES:   $1,533.50



​Savings:      $13,083.30

​Checking:  $13,419.19


Praise the Lord,  we exceeded our giving goal by almost $1500.


Your faithfulness is greatly appreciated.