This Sunday, August 14, 2022 the Worship service is inside the building.  Masks and sanitizer are available. 

Children’s church will continue as they have been doing with all precautions in place (mask wearing, 6 ft distance, sanitizing).



10:00 am

Pastor Luis

Breastplate Righteousness 



The service is still being LIVE-STREAMED and in Person

Kern County is presently open.  We encourage masks to be worn if you are unvaccinated or if you are in the vulnerable group and not vaccinated.  If you have serious health problems and still do not wish to get out at this time, you can watch the services from home at chesteravenuecommunitychurch facebook.

Wednesdays Live-Stream and in Person at 6:30 pm @ CACC 

Worship, Devotional, and Prayer


The FIRST FIVE with Pastor Brody is daily on the church web page.


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Office hours: Our Secretary Cloudie's at the Church from Mon-Thurs 9:00 -2:00 pm Closed for Lunch  from 12-1pm 

You can tithe through the web page electronically or by mailing your check or money order to the church office.  Checks, by request of the bank, are to be made out to CHESTER AVENUE COMMUNITY CHURCH.  Thank you for your consideration.

Chester Avenue Community Church

1509 South Chester Avenue           

Bakersfield, CA 93304-4606           

Telephone:  661-831-7312 


Please let us know whenever your contact details change.


PRAISE REPORTS  August 7, 2022

We praise you God for meeting the needs of all the sick and afflicted we put before you and those who need your healing mercy and grace. 

 Thank you God for sustaining and guiding us during these uncertain times.  You are Lord God Adonai “Master”.

 Thank you God for Blessing us during this Pastoral transition time.

 Praise God for the Monday Night Bible Studies growing Faithfully.

Praise God  for Beverley and Kids they found a home.


Prayers for Donnas Brown Recovery.

Prayers for Mariah and her Pregnancy

Prayers for Shanna and kids.

Prayers for Kara and her Grandma Maria

Prayers for Monica's Brother.

Prayers for Connie.

Prayers For Karen's Daughter.

Prayers for Marica's Brother & Sister and Family and Friends.

Pray for Unspoken Prayers.

Prayers for Cloudies Family.

Prayers for Joseph.

Prayers for Jeannette and Family and Friends.

Prayers for CACC Family & Friends.

Prayers for the Men of God Home.

Prayers for all the Ministries in Thailand .



 Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed.

Mark 1:35 NKJ

College student said a baby is just not in her plans at this time. She was tearful and sad, yet strongly considering abortion. Pray she will have the Courage to choose life.

Couple are considering abortion. They have a baby and do not believe they can handle bringing another child into their family right now.

Client in not a minor, but father of the baby is several years older. Client was adopted by a family when she was younger, but now lives with biological family. Clients adoptive mother described the home as dysfunctional, and she is concerned about the situation. Pray the client will make wise decisions regarding the pregnancy and in her life.

Client is pregnant with her first child and experiencing Complications. Pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Praise Jesus! Client Initially considered abortion but chose to continue her  pregnancy. She recently delivered her baby. Prayer is powerful!

Continue to pray for an abortion minded client on a previous prayer list. Our advocate had left messages reminding her of our support and prayers regardless of her decision. Pray the client will respond.

Teen client is undecided-considering abortion. Pray she returns for the ultrasound appointment. Pray she and the father of the baby decide to continue the pregnancy.

Client has suffered miscarriages. She is pregnant and living in a shelter. She needs a job and a stable place to live. The Advocate gave her a Bible and invited her to church. Pray the client will go and surrender her life to Christ.

Client and her husband are expecting another child. They both expressed feeling very stressed about their lives. Pray they will trust Christ and receive his strength and help to  handle the difficulties in their lives. Pray for healing of past wounds. Pray they will choose life for their baby

Client and her husband are struggling financially. Pray for grace and supernatural provision. He was wrongly fired from his job. Pray for justice.

Client is bound by fear and grief. She and her husband both need comfort and healing as they grieve for their child who passed away. She requested prayer for her family to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Client is trying to deal with difficult circumstances going on in her life. One of them is that the catalytic converter was stolen last year from her car. Pray her insurance will cover it.

Client requested prayer for her family. The father of the children assaulted her. She filed a restraining order against him. It has been difficult because the children miss their dad.

Praise the Lord for the male coaches who are now covering every shift, including Saturdays! This is truly an answer to prayer! Pray for these amazing guys who have made themselves availed to minister to the men who come with their significant others.







August 7, 2022

Week 18



May                          $13,529

June                          $14,379

July                           $13,046


​Fiscal Year:           $59,045

Budget Goal:         $66,057



EXPENSES           $63,040




Checking:             $7,605

 ​Savings:              $13,001






               (July)        [Balance]

Youth                 ($0.00)       [$2,203]

Op “E”    ($455)         [$2,406]

MOG Home   ($1,981)      [$5,589]



Image by Tyler Nix