This Sunday, April 25, the Worship service will continue to be inside the building.  You will still need to wear a mask and abide by the 6’ social distancing.  Hand sanitizer is available. 

Children’s church will continue as they have been doing with all precautions in place (mask wearing, 6 ft distance, sanitizing).



10:00 am




The service is still being LIVE-STREAMED.

 Kern County is in the state’s RED TIER for coronavirus transmission and hoping to soon be in the ORANGE TIER.  The tier system is based on the number of cases per 100,000 people.  The county now has gone down to a rate of 4-7 cases per 100,000 people.  We need 1-3.9 for the ORANGE.  Kern’s positivity rate must be 5-8% to be in the RED TIER and 2-4.9% for ORANGE.  This week, Kern’s rate met the mark at 5%.  Red Tier means the limits on the number of people gathering for us is 25% capacity (Orange Tier is 50%) with precautions in place for both tiers to prevent widespread transmission of the virus.  So if you are in the vulnerable group, you may still want to watch the services from home.   

Wednesdays Live-Stream Bible Study at 6:30 pm

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Office hours:   The Pastors and secretary are still working from home.  Kathy goes to the church Tues - Fri to check on mail, phone calls, and emails. 

You can tithe through the web page electronically or by mailing your check or money order to the church office.  Checks, by request of the bank, are to be made out to CHESTER AVENUE COMMUNITY CHURCH.  Thank you for your consideration.

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Please let us know whenever your contact details change.


Sunday, April 11, 2021                Sermon Notes:  FORGIVE US  by LUIS CARABALLO (Young Preach)


1) Where are you?          We all have issues in our lives—money, marriage, illness, anger, unforgiveness,       

    addictions, etc.    God is saying to you today, “Where are you?”

2) The Lord’s Prayer:  Matthew 6:9-10 says  “forgive us our debts”;          This week we are looking at Luke 11:2-4    

     “Forgive us our sins”  We may come to church and act like nothing is wrong (hide our sins)  but God asks us

     “Where are you?”  Many of our lives are not trusting God.

3) Luke 11:2      And forgive us our sins.  We have a need for forgiveness of sins—daily we need to repent of our

    sins.    Are we confessing our sins to God?

4) Give us this day our daily bread——-Bread deals with our physical lives.  Forgive us our sins—-Forgiveness deals

    with our spiritual life.   Daily we sin.  We need forgiveness daily.

5) Sin can be defined as missing the mark.  God is trying to lead every aspect of our lives.  He does it for our good. 

    He does it for His good.  We’re blessed to be a blessing. We’re forgiven to forgive others.  Loved so that we can

    love others.  We will commit sins that need to be forgiven by God and OTHERS.  We give in to sin and miss the

    mark.   God knows when no one else is looking.

6) Sin can entangle us.   Genesis 3:1-8 A lot of people today believe we have a “skin” problem.  It’s not—it is a “sin”

    problem!  Adam and Eve hid in the garden and God said to them, “Where are you?”    

7) They hid!  Are we walking in God’s forgiveness or the enemy’s condemnation?  The enemy makes us feel

    unworthy.  He’s right!  Like Adam and Eve we can hide.    Jesus took the initiative with Adam and Eve.  Where are


8) John 3:16-17   Jesus did not come to condemn us but to save us.   Jesus takes the initiative with us.

9) 1 Peter 1:2-4 He gives us everything we need—life, resurrection power, healing, grace, mercy, confrontation.  He

    gives us the Holy Spirit!  We are partakers of the divine nature.  Not the fleshly nature!  We must experience God

    and His love and forgiveness. 

10) Jesus takes the initiative with us.   Where are you?  What are you holding onto that you need to confess?  What

    are you hiding today?    Confront your sin.  Confront your sin.  Stop living in condemnation and ask for

    forgiveness today.  Do not walk in denial of missing the mark.  Do not walk in condemnation of missing the mark. 

    Walk in His forgiveness.

Prayer:   Father God we come to you today in need of a Savior.  Jesus Christ is that Savior!  Jesus Christ don’t just

    take my life, but change my life!



· Thank you God for sustaining and protecting us during this pandemic.

· Thank you for your Sovereignty over our nation despite the circumstances and changing environment.

· We praise you God for meeting the needs of all the sick and afflicted we put before you and those who need your healing


· We Praise you O Lord for you continue to teach and guide us as a church family!


· Dave was seriously injured last week from a motorcycle accident.   Please pray for him as he has been in critical condition in

  the hospital.

· Janice is in the hospital this week and has been seriously ill for some time now.  She has lost 65 pounds.

· Bob  (Dianna brother) has a serious medical issue.

· Mary with asthma and Laurie with lung issues both are doing a lot of coughing.

· Sherril’s eye has been infected for over six months now. 

· Veronica and her husband Bo need continued prayer while he is adjusting to an amputated leg.

· Ronda’s mother’s eyesight is diminishing.  Please pray for her.

· Lee’s back is better but continue to pray for restored eyesight!

· Don & Barbara’s son still needs prayer for a recurring and major health problem.

· Brian has not yet found a job.  Pray for him and Cindy.

· Pray destruction protection over our buildings and theft protection over the cars that visit CACC.

· Pray for our nation — that God will show us the path to peace and unity.  



Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.      1 Peter 4: 8   NIV



· CLIENT is considering abortion.  Ultrasound confirmed a different due date than she initially thought, which brought into

   question the baby’s paternity.  Please pray for her.

· CLIENT is a drug user and she is with an unreliable man.  She is grieving the loss of her infant son that passed a few years

   ago..    Pray she will get sober for the sake of her other children and preborn child.

· CLIENT recently suffered a miscarriage.  She needs physical and emotional healing.  She and the father of the baby are

   getting married soon and are excited to do things right.

· CLIENT in the last trimester of pregnancy is scheduled for a C-section.  She has a large fibroid tumor and is very fearful

   about delivering her baby in this situation.  Pray for her safe delivery and for the health of mom and baby.

· CLIENT needs salvation.  She is very burdened with sin and a sense of God’s judgement.  She has experienced multiple

   miscarriages.  She is in the second trimester of pregnancy and very nervous.

· CLIENT’S brother was murdered and her mother is very distraught, and her own health is being affected. 

· CLIENT is fearful of the possibility of another C-section, after a traumatic experience before.  She has a complication that

  could affect her pregnancy.  Pray all will go well.  CLIENT is also concerned about her son who may be joining the military.  

· CLIENT has a history of multiple miscarriages and one living child.  Her ultrasound was inconclusive.  Pray for a healthy


· CLIENT is a single mom with a full plate, raising her children alone.  She expressed disappointment about being pregnant

   again.  Father of the baby is not involved, and wants her to have an abortion.  She intends to parent.  She is not walking

   with the Lord, and needs encouragement.  Pray she will invite Jesus into her life and trust him for strength and provision.


APRIL 25,  2021


Week 3

(Our fiscal year begins on April 1, 2021)




February          $13,894.69


March              $18,897.75


April                 $11,914.00


​Fiscal Year:    $11,914.00


​Budget Goal:  $11,352.30


 EXPENSES:   $11,444.73




(Op “E”:              $576.00)

​Savings:          $13,083.30

​Checking:       $11,452.17


Praise the Lord,  we exceeded our giving goal by almost $1500.


Your faithfulness is greatly appreciated.