This Sunday, October 10, the Worship service is inside the building.  Masks and sanitizer are available. 

Children’s church will continue as they have been doing with all precautions in place (mask wearing, 6 ft distance, sanitizing).



10:00 am

Pastor  Luis

Acts 25-26




The service is still being LIVE-STREAMED.

Kern County is presently open.  We encourage masks to be worn if you are unvaccinated or if you are in the vulnerable group and not vaccinated.  If you have serious health problems and still do not wish to get out at this time, you can watch the services from home at chesteravenuecommunitychurch facebook.

Wednesdays Live-Stream at 6:30 pm

Worship, Devotional, and Prayer


The FIRST FIVE with Pastor Brody is daily on the church web page.


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Office hours: Kathy goes to the church Tues - Fri 12:00 - 3 pm to check on mail, phone calls, and emails. 

You can tithe through the web page electronically or by mailing your check or money order to the church office.  Checks, by request of the bank, are to be made out to CHESTER AVENUE COMMUNITY CHURCH.  Thank you for your consideration.

Chester Avenue Community Church

1509 South Chester Avenue           

Bakersfield, CA 93304-4606           

Telephone:  661-831-7312 


Please let us know whenever your contact details change.



· Thank you God for the many unseen things you are doing in us and in our country.

· Thank you God!  Colleen Brink (Liz Brink’s daughter-in-law) and Liz Brink are both now cancer free!  The Brink family

  gives you praise for your healing and protection!

· Thank you God for those who are recovering from covid without life-threatening symptoms.  Also thank you that the

  number of covid incidents in the schools is going down rather than up.

· We praise you God for meeting the needs of all the sick and afflicted we put before you and those who need your healing mercy and grace. 


· Paul Warner passed away October 2.  He is the gentleman who made the “Amazing Grace” crosses.  Please pray for his

  daughter and granddaughter, Pauletta and Moriah Taylor as they grieve.  He will be greatly missed by many of us his

  church family.

· Pray for the Christian and Missionary families yet in Afghanistan and Iran.  Also uphold the many Afghan families trying to

  flee with their children.  They are facing horrible circumstances and the threat of death. 

· Remember to pray for Mike Geary.  He is having complications due to cancer.

· We grieve with Barbara and Donnie Schwerdetfager over Don’s passing.  Please continue to pray for them especially in

  the next few weeks. 

· Also keep Donnie Schwerdetfager in your prayers as he battles throat and gall bladder cancer.

· Many friends and relatives we know are getting the covid virus and variant-d.   God be merciful and heal and help them. 

  Give support and protection to their families who take care of them.

· Wayne Moule is still recovering from back surgery and has limited movements.  Remember Wayne and his wife Karen in

  your prayers.

· William Bishop still has an unknown health problem and needs prayer that doctors will figure it out.  Pray for him and his

  wife Janelle.

· Laurie Handley’s lungs are worse and she is confined to home. 

· Betty (Liz Brink’s relative in Florida) still has terminal cancer.  God heal her!

· Pauletta Taylor went to the heart hospital earlier this last week with health problems. Continue to support her and Moriah

  in prayer.




Therefore my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm.  Let nothing move you.  Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.         

                                                                                                                                            1 Corinthians 15:8     NIV


· CLIENT’S mother is pressuring her to have an abortion.  Client’s job is very demanding.  She has no insurance.  She

  shared that her boyfriend had been abusive but insists he has stopped.  Pray for strength, guidance, and resources.

· CLIENT is fearful of telling her father about the pregnancy.  Pray for God’s guidance and courage.  Pray her father will

  offer his full support.

· CLIENT is pregnant and her boyfriend wants her to have an abortion.  Pray he will change his mind but despite his choice,

  she will choose to keep this baby.

· CLIENT is pregnant and was admitted into the hospital with more than one health concern.  Her advocate has been trying

  to contact her.  Pray for the client’s health and that her advocate will be able to talk to her.

· CLIENT is unsure if the father of her baby will be supportive.  She admits feeling scared and worried.  She has an

  appointment to return for an ultrasound.  Pray about her choices to parent or not.  The nurse who met with her invited her

  to receive Christ.  She accepted the invitation.  Pray for growth in her relationship with Jesus Christ.

· CLIENT lives with the father of the baby.  She is a believer, but he is not.  Pray he will come to faith in Jesus so that they

  can establish a Christian home in which to raise their baby.

· Pray for unborn lives to be rescued and saved from the tragedy of abortion!



October 10, 2021

Week 27

(Our fiscal year begins on April 1, 2021)


August                $19,119.26

September          $13,967.36

October               $ 1,788.75



​Fiscal Year:           $90,726.38

Budget Goal:        $102,170.70



(Op “E”  (Oct)          $110.00)*

(Op “E” Year        $2,731.00)*







 ​Savings:               $7,584.47

​Checking:             $3,475.71


(Op “E”:        $1,177.00)**

*Included in Income & total


Your faithfulness is greatly appreciated.