Plan for Reopening


We are reopening the church building for in person Worship this Sunday June 7, 2020

10:15 am

However, we are limited in the number of people we can have.  So, you must make reservations on the web or call Kathy at 330-8581.  All persons will be asked to wear face coverings and maintain the 6 feet social distancing. 

Your temp will be taken at the door and you will be given a dollup of hand sanitizer.

If you are 65+ or have any medical vulnerabilities we encourage you to stay home at this time.  That will include

Pastor Keith and Kathy.  We do not want you to compromise your health.  In 14 days, when we see how things are going, the CDC will reevaluate the transmission rate of COVID 19 and give us further guidelines.

Please arrive no earlier than 10 min.  The parking lot will not be ready until then. 

Please no close person talking, hugging, hand shaking, or roaming the building.  Try to maintain the 6 ft distancing.  There are no children’s classes as yet.  So kids will need to sit with their parents.  Also leave the building within 10 min after the service to accommodate the next church’s timeline for set up.  We have 5 churches meeting at our building on Sunday.  The Worship Service at the building will also be live streamed on the facebook page for those who decide to stay home. 


We are still having live stream services on facebook. 

                                                                               Sunday 10:15 am

                                                                               Wednesdays at 6:45 pm


The FIRST FIVE with Pastor Brody is still daily on facebook and the church web page.


The phone calling system is still in place.  You should be getting a call from a volunteer caller in the church every two weeks to see how you are doing.  


Connect Page:

Web page:

Facebook :


Those who do not have these tech capabilities will still receive a bulletin in the mail until further notice.

Office hours:   Kathy checks only the mail, phone messages, and e-mails Tues—Fri.  Otherwise, the pastors and secretary are working from home until further notice.  You can still tithe through the web page electronically or by mailed check or money order to the church office.  Checks, by request of the bank, are to be made out to CHESTER AVENUE COMMUNITY CHURCH.  Thank you for your consideration.

                                                                            Chester Avenue Community Church

             1509 South Chester Avenue           

             Bakersfield, CA 93304-4606           

Telephone:  661-831-7312 

Please let us know whenever your contact details change.  



If you have any prayer requests or praises please let your volunteer caller know or call the church office and leave a message or text Kathy at 661-330-8581.  We will stay connected as a church body the best we can and raise our voices up to heaven.



· Last Sunday went well for our first reopening Sunday!  Singing and preaching was excellent!  Personal precautions

  were in place!

· Eric Martinez was baptized at the river Sunday, May 31.

· Steve, who had a double lung transplant, is now home from the hospital recovering!  Praise God!

· Thank you God for strengthening and stretching us during this pandemic

· Praise God!!!   The Prayer Walk Wed night was filled with peace and unity between church people and protesters.


· Clara Guillen Sepeda has painful varicose veins and psoriasis.

· Pray that Steve’s new lungs will not be rejected by his body.

· Pray that Paula and Jeri will receive salvation from God.

· Pray for Laurie’s neighbor whose daughter has passed away.

· Mary Caldwell and Laurie Handley still have lung issues.

· Pray for Jill Foley who is having cataract surgery next week.

· Pray for Taj to get the full time job.

· Pray that Patrina carries her baby to term and delivers a healthy baby.

· Teresa A., Allen, and Lee LeValley are still having pain issues.  Teresa also has post surgery dermatitis.

· Pray for good health for Moises, Donna (feeling sick), and Kathy Fultz (inflammation).

· Pray for Lois and our elderly who are feeling shut in and lonely.

· Pray for Nicole Adams and children to get news about their dad.

· Safety for Laverne Andress’s daughter who lives in LA where the looters are setting fires.  Her daughter also has

  serious asthma.

  Pray for Colleen who had a heart attack, that the doctors ascertain the cause and can fix it.

  Pray for Susan whose stomach was nicked in an operation and now is limited to 8 oz liquid a day and little food.

  Pray for Janice Hoogendam to adjust to life without a stomach.

  Pray for Bill King who has throat cancer.

  Pray for Felicia who gets little sleep and is having headaches.

· Pray for the situation with the protesters nationwide to get resolution and peace. 

  Pray for the police department to have the mind and spirit of Christ.




“Hear my voice when I call, Lord; be merciful to me and answer me."  Psalm 27:7-8  NIV


· CLIENT  is in the second trimester and considering abortion, but had a change of heart. Pray for her father to be


· CLIENT believes she will have no support if she continues the pregnancy. Her parents will not allow her to stay in

  their home.  She wants to abort her baby because of lack of support.  Pray for God’s intervention.

· CLIENT  is scheduled for C-section and no longer able to work.  She is fearful about delivery, caring for a new baby,

  and has health concerns.

· Client requested prayer for her son who has seizures.  He is undergoing tests to ascertain the cause of his

  seizures.  Pray for healing and peace.

· A staff member recently had foot surgery.  Pray for a complete recovery.

· Pray for the BPC Board and staff as they progress towards resuming client services as soon as possible.  They are

  thankful for the opportunities they have had  during the limited capacity.


                                                                                                        June 3, 2020

                                                                                                 FINANCIAL REPORT

                                                                                                             Week 9

                                                                                 (Our fiscal year begins on April 1, 2020)


                                                                                               EMERGENCY BUDGET

(Normally, we have an annual meeting in early April to approve a proposed budget for the year.  Due to the pandemic, we did not hold an annual meeting and didn't know how the pandemic would affect us financially.  So the elders adopted what we call and "EMERGENCY BUDGET" which maintains most of the previous budget.)

                                                                                                INCOME: LAST WEEK 


                                                                                             INCOME: MONTH OF MAY



​                                                                                               INCOME: FISCAL YEAR


                                                                                     ACTUAL EXPENSES:  FISCAL YEAR


                                                                                          BUDGET GOAL: FISCAL YEAR: 






                                                                                           SBA PPP FORGIVEABLE LOAN

                                                                                                 Included in Checking



                                God was faithful and you were faithful in April and May!  Praise the Lord!  Your faithfulness is appreciated!