This Sunday, May 22, 2022 the Worship service is inside the building.  Masks and sanitizer are available. 

Children’s church will continue as they have been doing with all precautions in place (mask wearing, 6 ft distance, sanitizing).



10:00 am





The service is still being LIVE-STREAMED and in Person

Kern County is presently open.  We encourage masks to be worn if you are unvaccinated or if you are in the vulnerable group and not vaccinated.  If you have serious health problems and still do not wish to get out at this time, you can watch the services from home at chesteravenuecommunitychurch facebook.

Wednesdays Live-Stream and in Person at 6:30 pm @ CACC 

Worship, Devotional, and Prayer


The FIRST FIVE with Pastor Brody is daily on the church web page.


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Office hours: Our Secretary Cloudie's at the Church from Mon-Thurs 9:00 -2:00 pm Closed for Lunch  from 12-1pm 

You can tithe through the web page electronically or by mailing your check or money order to the church office.  Checks, by request of the bank, are to be made out to CHESTER AVENUE COMMUNITY CHURCH.  Thank you for your consideration.

Chester Avenue Community Church

1509 South Chester Avenue           

Bakersfield, CA 93304-4606           

Telephone:  661-831-7312 


Please let us know whenever your contact details change.



· We praise you God for meeting the needs of all the sick and afflicted we put before you and those who need your healing mercy and grace. 

· Thank you God for sustaining and guiding us during these uncertain times.  You are Lord God Adonai “Master”.

· Thank you God for Blessing us during this Pastoral transition time.

· Praise God For the Men of God doing mighty things for the Lord.

· Praise God for Answered Prayers.

· Praise God for Mondo's Employment.

Prayers For MAY 15

Prayers for Mariah's Pregnancy to be healthy.

Prayers for Reyna Rivera.

Prayers for Bill Oldright .

Prayers for Jeannette's Family and Friends.

Prayers for Unspoken Request.

Prayers for Marica's Son Mark for Guidance and Understanding


Prayers for Paula Ramirez for healing.

Prayers for Dianna Tugwell to make a full recovery.

Prayers for Sirena's Son Isaiah.

Prayers for Angela's Job.

Prayers for all the CACC Leaders.

Prayers for the Men of God..

Prayers for Miguel Olivas salvation.







Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.”

Psalms 8:2 KJV



Client with an unplanned pregnancy is scared about having the baby because she is in college. She is leaning toward parenting but is undecided. Pray she will have courage to continue her pregnancy.

Client needs prayer to deal with anxiety and worry. Pray the seed of Gods Word will take root in her heart and bring his peace. Pray for the health of the baby she is carrying. She also needs prayer to develop skills to be a loving stepparent to her boyfriends child.

Client is pregnant with her first child. She prayed with her advocate and accepted Christ into her heart. Pray she will grow in her walk with the Lord. Client is concerned her mother may not be happy with decision to parent.

Client requested prayer for the baby that was born with high levels of bilirubin. Pray the levels normalize.

Client miscarried in her second trimester of pregnancy. Pray she and her family will receive Gods comfort in their loss.

Clients test was negative. She is very lonely and scared. Pray she will receive salvation and make changes in her lifestyle.

Client has been placed on bedrest by her doctor for the duration of her pregnancy. Pray for healing and wisdom for the doctor.

Client suffered a miscarriage and experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. Pray she will seek the Lord in her grief and sorrow.

Client is going through an ugly divorce. She is pregnant and ultrasound was done but the baby's heartbeat could not be detected. She is a Christian.

Client has experienced pregnancy loss before and is excited to be pregnant again. Pray for peace and for a hedge of protection around her and the baby she is carrying.

Client had ultrasound but was informed by the nurse no heartbeat was detected. Pray the peace of God to comfort her.

Pray for the ladies who completed the New Volunteer training last week. Pray for them as they begin their in office orientation and for guidance as to their place of ministry.



Client with an unplanned pregnancy intends to have a medical abortion. She refused ultrasound. Her Boyfriend wants her to abort also. Pray she will change her mind.


Client and her husband do  not want more children, so she is strongly considering abortion. Pray they will grasp the truth that this precious life is just as valuable as their other children. Pray they will be moved toward choosing life.


Client is considering abortion. She prayed to receive Christ during her time with the advocate. Pray she will return for ultrasound. Pray she will choose life.


Pray for the safety of a client and her children. She said the children's father tried to kill them.


Client with a previous miscarriage is very concerned about her current pregnancy. She has gone to the Emergency Room with complications. Pray she will be able to carry to term and deliver her baby.

Client and her husband suffered a stillbirth. Pray the Lord will comfort them and that they reach out for support through the BPC Empty Arms program.


Client and Father of their baby are not together but wants to work on communicating better with one another to successfully co-parent. Pray they will be able to work on their differences and peacefully raise their baby

 together .


Client is not in a healthy relationship with the father of her baby. Pray for wisdom and resolution.


Prayers are greatly appreciated for the Volunteers, board members, staff and families. Wisdom , Favor, Health and fruitful labor that endures.





May 15, 2022

Week 6



March                     $15,943.05

April                        $16,749.70

May                          $5,691.87



​Fiscal Year:           $22,441.57

Budget Goal:         $22,018.85


EXPENSES (Fiscal year)      





Checking:           $10,556.84

 ​Savings:              $10,000.15






               (Month)          [Balance]

Youth                 ($00.00)         [$1,990.00]

Op “E”    ($210.00)        [$1,742.00]

                                 MOG Home   ($1,740.00)     [$4,646.91]                                  

Image by Tyler Nix