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Hi Kids!  This is Miss Kathy from CACC

I’m giving you a couple of websites to help you keep connected with God.

While you are stuck at home, God can still teach and inspire you.

This is a good time to memorize 1Corinthians 13:4-8 (Just click here) and to practice what it says.  The verses are still Worth points!!!!!  I'm keeping track of your points.  When I call you, you can tell me your verses if you want.  Try memorizing because we still want to reward ourselves with that party when this is all over. 

    When you get ready to work on your school learning packet,

you could BEGIN with a story from the Bible and discuss it with your parents.  First, your family could read the story from the Bible!  Then see if the animated youtube version left anything important out or added anything extra. That will make you smarter than just someone who watches the video!

Family Devotional Experiences-Kids Church Videos; includes Teen devotionals

Complete Online kid services - free weekly church

Bible Storybooks Kids Read

Beginner’s Bible for Toddlers youtube (click here)

Creation —The Beginners Bible youtube (Younger Elementary)

Animated Bible Stories youtube (Older Elementary)

Focus On The Family has many topics on marriage and parenting. Make sure you click on their COVID 19 button Go Now to see an additional page with more topics:


MOTHER'S DAY, BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES- Why not send or give a card?

How to Make a Mother's Day Card

How to Draw a Mother Holding a Baby

3 Easy Mother's Day Cards

How to Make an envelope with tape and glue

How to Make 3 different envelopes just by folding

How to Mail a Letter Sesame Street

Sesame Street Elmo's World Mail

Sesame Street Post Office

Om Nom: Postman+

I want to be a Mail Carrier

Journey of a Letter - robot

Snail Brings the Mail Read-Aloud Book

It Came By Mail Read-Aloud Book

Postman Profession Video Song

Dear Mr Blueberry - sending a letter

Flat Stanley Read Aloud - Make a flat self and write a story about a day in my life during Covid 19

Remember you are one of a kind.  Write your story to remember since nothing like this has happened in almost 80 years since people had polio.

You can buy books of stamps (20) at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Office Supply, or the Post Office.

Check out the birthday list on the website to make and mail a card to a lonely person!!

If you like art, my daughter Sara Drennan, teaches kids about art at BFM. 

She has two lessons on youtube. 

You can make a picture with her. 

She will be adding a new one each week until BFM opens again.

Sara Drennan youtube lesson one. 

Sara Drennan youtube lesson two.

Sara Drennan youtube lesson three.

Sara Drennan youtube lesson four.

Sara Drennan youtube lesson five.

Sara Drennan youtube lesson six.

Sara Drennan youtube lesson seven.

Sara Drennan youtube lesson eight.

Sara Drennan youtube lesson nine.

Sara Drennan youtube lesson ten.

Sara Drennan youtube Draw a Bird.

Also check out:

Exercise with your family:

Quick and Easy Family Workout

Family Fitness Workout Routine

Family Fun Cardio

Kids Workout


More animation on Saddleback kids youtube

Songs we sing in Children's Church

My God is Powerful         

Stand Together       

My Hope Is In The Lord


God Is For Me       

This Little Light of Mine

Bethel Music kids youtube

Chronicles of Narnia youtube (Older Elementary)

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