Operation "E" 
off to a great start

"Tazzie" Ruiz, one of our young people started a fund to help a woman whose name begins with "E."   And as we have been studying the Lord's Prayer, we believe He has led us to put feet to our prayer, "Give us this day, our daily bread."   When we pray this prayer we are praying for every needy person.   We try to help every needy person in our neighborhood, but the truth is that the most needy people in the world are children in poor countries.   
For those that want to, we are supporting as many children as the Lord allows through Compassion International.   For about $38 a month, we can help sustain and help a child thrive.  We can also pray for them and write back and forth with them.

Part of the fund is also held in reserve to help needy folks in our neighborhood.
We are starting with 4 children.  
We hope we can increase this as we see how much money continues to come in.

We will soon have pictures and more information, but at least we wanted you to know that you can start praying for.

This first monthly financial gifts have already been sent out to the world.

                                           Mutoria                                Valentina                       
                                            Kenya                                  Equador                       
                                             2 yrs                                     8 yrs                             

                                        Neiderns                             Sawsaetebertoo               
                    Haiti                                      Thailand
                  9 yrs                                       10 yrs
Lots more info to follow
$304.00        Sent
$1,037.00   In Fund
Thanks for being a part of Operation "E"

May God bless you.