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2021- 2022 Annual Report


            God has been moving mightily in the last year here at Chester Avenue Community Church. Our numbers are increasing, the participation in church family activities is growing, in addition to the number of activities available. The number of families and children in our CE classes are increasing! We are indeed experiencing answers to our long-time prayers.  God is changing lives here in this neighborhood and this church.


            We have had many baptisms this year in the church baptistery, and also the Kern River, and even in swimming pools!  These are the people baptized:                   

             June 12       Jeanette Antrim  and  James Barron 

             June 27       Carlos Guzman,  Monica Guzman,  Isaiah Lara,  Natalia Pantoja, Gabriel Rivera,  Karalynn Salazar,  Merced Salazar,  Sirena Salazar

             July 4          Arizma Faith Caraballo

             August 9     Ilene Diaz, Cheryl Elaine Saenz Cordero, Michael Cordero,  Jessica Annmarie Meier 

             November  Tina Tovar       


            We also had Baby Dedications:   June 20   Zariah Caraballo and Ayva’le Victory Sosa.               

            God is moving in a mighty way in the family of God in our church.  Praise the Lord!


            Over the last year we have seen many, many new people step up as leaders in the church. And the prayer time at the family altar has been amazing, beautiful, freeing, and so powerful.  Hearts were set free, shame was undone as we all were overcome by the presence of the Lord!! And so many people are praying for others at outreaches, food ministry, etc.


            The Lord has led us to support 6 children through Compassion International Ministries.  We support Mutorio in Kenya, Neiderns in Haiti, Sawsaetebertoo in Thailand, Tia in Indonesia, Valentina in Ecuador, and Yohannes in Ethiopia.


            The opening, and now expanding, of the Men of God Home is an example of how God is using this church, as is the new format for food ministry. God’s love in action. We have established more bible study groups available for our church family with both Zoom and in person options. We have reinstated Wednesday evening programs for children and adults, and have recently developed a small team to help our pastors with praying for people at alter call.  CACC has also been involved in many outreach activities this year, both at our facility and others.


             This past year Pastor Keith developed and offered a Discipleship Training class with a goal of preparing members to move into leadership.  Another change made with an eye to the future here is in the preaching schedule. Our pastors, Pastor Keith, Pastor Luis and Pastor Brody have worked together in developing a plan for bringing the message on Sunday mornings. In this schedule Pastor Keith speaks only once monthly.  This is just a part of the plan for Pastor Keith to cut back on his duties.  Kathy Fultz has retired from being our church secretary and Cloudie Juarez has been hired as our new church secretary.

Our goal is to continue to call people to EXPERIENCE GOD,  CHANGE YOUR LIFE, CHANGE THE WORLD.   This is done by becoming DISCIPLES WHO MAKE DISCIPLES.   We remain focused on building bigger people not just a big church and we seek not only to inform, but to seek transformation for each of us.  We are excited about the future of CACC.  Thank you for being a part of it.


Blessings on each of you,


Pastors and Elders of Chester Avenue Community Church

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