(December 2021)




SKILLS NEEDED:    Loving, friendly, and helpful attitude. Computer skills, typing skills, social media skills, good command of English grammar, math skills (We can train the bookkeeping.)


Please send or deliver resume and references to Chester Avenue Community Church, 1509 S. Chester Avenue,  Bakersfield, CA 93304 or email to



Serve the church family as administrative assistant, receptionist, bookkeeper, & publisher of bulletin, Facebook, webpage and coordinator of church family events.



The church family facilitator and coordinator shall maintain at all times confidentiality in all matters concerning the church and its members.   Confidentiality standards and statement are attached.   Involve as many people in the church family as possible in doing the work.



Pray and Read the Bible, who and what we are influences the family more than even the work we do.

Manage phone. Answer phone, take messages, and relay appropriate messages

Manage email. Respond and relay emails as appropriate.

Manage mail.

Greet/assist visitors.

Assist people who need food and pray with them.

Manage and communicate facility usage      

      Maintain a calendar of facility usage by different churches and groups within the church family

Assist the pastors and elders as best as possible.

Assist the members as much as possible.

Assist in facility maintenance management.

      Check solar panels efficiency daily.  Report any problems to Pastor Luis

      Check for unlocked doors and Security system  



Maintain church family data base on Churchtrac.

Maintain church family financial records and pay bills.

Record individual giving in Churchtrac.

Keep a record of attendance for the whole church family and report weekly to pastors and elders.

Prepare a financial report from Quickbooks for pastors and elders.

Meet with pastors weekly for a staff meeting for planning and communicating.

Maintain a church family calendar and update weekly.



  1. Develop and maintain a Facebook presence.

  2. Update and develop Web page.

  3. Update and develop Youtube presence.

  4. Prepare and update announcements in Powerpoint for LiveStreaming (Facebook and Youtube).

  5. Prepare Bulletin and inserts for each Sunday.

                        Design, prepare & proof layout.

                        Make copies.


  1. Prepare a sheet of important announcements for Sunday Worship Celebration to be given by a pastor or leader.

  2. Manage Mission/Compassion Board



      Meet with Pastors and elders as required or requested

      Reconcile checkbook and American Express accounts

      Review expenses and income from KBS (Sanders 910 K Street) relay information to Pastor Luis and elders.



Prepare annual meeting reports and annual budget report and proposed budget



Order supplies for office and staff members and miscellaneous church supplies, within budget and staff approval.


Assist and help coordinate with Missions that we support

Assist and help coordinate outreaches, Angel Tree and Juvenile Hall



A Work week will consist of 21 hours per week



9:00 am – 2:00 pm  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (no lunch break)

9:00 am – 2:30 pm  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (30 minute lunch break)

9:00 am – 3:00 pm  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (60 minute lunch break)


9:15 am to 10:15 am on Sunday, Assist as needed



Vacation:               One day of vacation time accrued for each month employed.

                            Only two days can be carried into the next year.

                            Two days of vacation added for each year employed. 

                                    (Limit of 25 days vacation per year)

                                    (We want you to take time off)


Holidays:               New Year’s Day               Labor Day

                              Thanksgiving Day            Memorial Day

                              Christmas Day                 July 4th


Sick Leave:         Sick leave up to 10 days annually will be allowed with pay.

                           Compensation for extended illness shall be reviewed by the Elders.


Salary:       Salary will begin at $13.00 per hour.   Based upon acceptable work there will be $0.50 per hour increase every three months for the first year.   Following years’ wages will be negotiated with elders and approved by the congregation.   The level of pay is influenced by quality of work and the financial health of the church family.






Chester Avenue Community Church pastors, staff, elders and workers are responsible for the security of any confidential information to which they have access. They have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of proprietary, confidential and sensitive information, documents and data concerning Chester Avenue Community Church and any and all of its members.  The staff, members, pastors and elders will not discuss or divulge internal church business concerning any of the above entities except to (1) the extent necessary for the normal conduct of business and (2) those that are specifically authorized to receive such information.

This policy is not intended to impede normal church communications, but rather to specify individual discretion. Violation of this policy/agreement constitutes grounds for removal from office or position.


All employee information is to be treated as confidential, including the fact that the employee receives (or previously received) services through this office.  The privacy and confidentiality of our employees are protected under state and federal employment laws and regulations, and federal HIPAA Regulations.   No employee information, other than those allowed by law, may be disclosed without the explicit informed and written consent of the employee.


The following are inappropriate, unethical, and/or illegal:


  • Discussing/revealing church member information to anyone outside this office (e.g., friends, family, other members without the permission of the church member.)

  • Discussing/revealing employee information to anyone outside of this office (e.g., friends, family or other employees, etc. without the permission of the employee.)

  • Obtaining access to employee information not directly necessary for performing your job duties.

  • Copying employee files or other employee or member information onto your own computer

  • Copying employee or member files onto CD, thumb drive, cloud without authorization or doing  routine computer back up on scheduled basis.




I hereby acknowledge, by my signature below, that I have read and understand that any member or employee information to which I have access is considered confidential, including employment records, payroll and insurance records, giving records, appointments, or any other identifiable information about employees or church members.  My signature demonstrates my agreement to hold confidential all church business/matters

pertaining to the Pastor, staff, organizations, and members while serving as an officer of the church.

I also understand that failure to follow these Confidentiality Standards may result in formal discipline up to and including dismissal.



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