DAY 1 

Wednesday March 4, 2020




Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.

Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

James 4:8 (ESV)


This is the first day of an important and exciting journey.    Many years ago, before cars, trains and planes the people of God walked many miles to be in Jerusalem, Rome or some other special spiritual place in order to draw nearer to God in some way.   They called it going on a PILGRIMAGE.    We don’t have to travel to a special place far away, but we are going to a new place in our lives.   We are fasting (disconnect) technology and maybe food,  in order to DRAW NEAR (connect) TO GOD over the next 40 days.   We will never be the same.   I have made the trip to Jerusalem and I have hiked all 220 miles of the John Muir Trail.   I have fasted solid food for 40 days.   All of these journeys have changed my life.   I expect this next 40 days of DRAWING NEAR TO GOD to change my life and your life.   I expect each of us to become more than we are, because we have connected with the Father.   

We will be changed and grow as a result of being in His Presence.    

We will become BIGGER PEOPLE


Are you ready?   Are you excited?

I am.       Let’s DRAW NEAR TO GOD.    


For most of us, we may be establishing a new habit of more time in prayer,  Bible reading and journaling.   Our flesh and Satan do not like this kind of stuff.  So it is important to make a commitment and find someone who can help encourage you to remain faithful. 


How committed are you to this journey?


Who will encourage and hold you accountable?


What are some of the reasons that make this journey important to you?


What do you expect to happen in your life and world as a result of going on this 40 day journey?


In what ways do you expect God to DRAW NEAR TO YOU?


Write your thoughts or a prayer.


Please pray for our whole church family to Draw Near to God.


Please pray for our outreach event April 11, 2020.


Write down one thing  for which you are grateful.