DAY  32

Saturday   -  April  4, 2020




And he said to all,

“If anyone would come after me,

let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

Luke 9:23 (ESV)


Yes, we read this passage on DAY 3.   But today, we want to continue to focus on the Cross.  And before Jesus actually carried the wooden cross, He calls us to follow Him by carrying our cross.

Jesus went to the Cross with purpose.   He knew the pain and suffering and shame that was there for Him, but He embraced the Cross in obedience to the Father, for your sake and for mine.  

It is fun to talk about living in the Resurrection power of Jesus, but in reality, the path to resurrection was the cross for Jesus and Jesus calls us to make a daily decision to die to self and to follow Him.   That is the path to living in Resurrection power.  

We must die to live.


Continue to be faithful in the fast.   This is what followers of Jesus do to crucify the flesh and follow Jesus.


Daily prayer in the morning and night is the habit of most serious followers of Jesus.   Pray when you feel like it.  And when you don’t feel like, pray until you do feel like it.   That is one way we carry our cross daily.

This is how we really become big people.  We give ourselves completely to Jesus.


Can you think of other ways we can carry our cross daily?


Please pray for your spiritual and governmental leaders.


Please pray for our church family to follow Jesus completely and daily.


Please pray for your personal influence on others for God.


Write about something for which you are grateful.